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Nozzle cross section

In the nozzle manufacturing industry, the cross section of the nozzle usually refers to the shape of the water mist sprayed by the nozzle, which is cross-cut in the direction perpendicular to the spray direction of the nozzle, and the spray is cut off.

For example, in the above picture, the cross-sectional shape of the flat fan nozzle is an olive shape with slender sides and a slightly wider middle. Understanding the different types of nozzle cross-sections is more conducive to us choosing a suitable nozzle.

For example, if you need to clean the objects on the conveyor belt, you are suitable for choosing a flat fan nozzle, because this type of nozzle can produce a greater impact and it is easier to clean the dirt on the surface of the object. But the installation distance, installation height and spray direction of the nozzle All need to be calculated, you can contact us for specific calculation methods.

The spray cross section of the full cone is a perfect circle, the spray cross section of the square nozzle is square, the spray cross section of the elliptical nozzle is elliptical, the spray cross section of the hollow cone nozzle is toroidal, etc., only a detailed understanding of the nozzle Only by spraying the cross-sectional shape, you can better choose the nozzle that suits you.

For more information about the cross-section of the nozzle, please feel free to contact us.