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Blowing nozzle Manufacturer Chinese

We are a blow nozzle manufacturer from China. The blowing nozzle is also called wind jet nozzle, which is a nozzle that can spray compressed gas. After cleaning your product, some droplets will remain on the surface. If these droplets are not removed in time, it may cause corrosion to your product, and some water stains will remain on the surface that cannot be removed.

One of the main functions of Wind jet nozzle is to quickly remove liquid droplets on the surface of the product by spraying compressed gas, so that the parts can better enter the next process.

The blowing nozzles designed and manufactured by us can save the energy consumption of the air compressor, reduce the noise during blowing, increase the blowing force, and have a higher drying efficiency.

Contact us, and you will get the best price for blowing nozzles.