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1 inch nozzles

A 1-inch nozzle usually means that the nozzle size is 1 inch, for example, the connecting thread is 1 inch BSPT, or the flange specification is 1 inch, the pipe specification is 1 inch, etc., the thread specification of the nozzle can probably distinguish the flow range, and the spray shape cannot be distinguished , Spray angle and specific specifications. The complete nozzle model specification is spray type, thread specification, nozzle material and nozzle flow code, such as HB1/4VV-SS6501, which refers to 1/4BSPT thread specification, flat fan nozzle, stainless steel material, spray The angle is 65 degrees, and the injection flow rate is 0.39L/min@3bar. The accurate model allows you to find the nozzle type you want faster.

The choice of nozzle type is very important. You can leave this work to us. Our engineers will recommend the most suitable nozzle type for you according to your actual use requirements and conditions, and can design a nozzle arrangement plan for you. After you buy the nozzle, you can install it according to the drawings we provide. Please feel free to contact us.