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Nozzle design tutorial

Nozzle design is a very professional job. If you have no experience in related industries, it is difficult to design a satisfactory nozzle.

Most of our company’s professional engineers have been engaged in the nozzle industry for many years and have rich nozzle design and manufacturing experience. They can design products according to customers’ actual application effects and expected functions, and can design the most suitable and low-cost nozzle products.

The design process of our nozzle is like this. First, determine the functional requirements of the nozzle (for example, the nozzle is used to clean the sand on the surface of the lotus root), and then calculate the number of nozzles installed and the distance of arrangement according to the width of the conveyor belt. The head and flow rate of the water pump determine the flow rate of a single nozzle, and the spray angle of the nozzle is determined according to the number of nozzles installed and the size of the nozzle from the surface of the lotus root. So far, the approximate parameters of the nozzle have been designed. This is just the first step. Next, the nozzle material needs to be determined according to the spray medium (for example, stainless steel is required for high-temperature environment work, and plastic is required for strong acid-base environment work, etc.), and finally the nozzle manufacturing process is carried out according to the customer’s demand and the customer’s budget the design of.

In nozzle design, we usually use various 3D model making software, CFD fluid analysis software, CAM computer-aided manufacturing software, etc., so it is a very professional thing to be able to design a suitable nozzle for customers completely. If you encounter a situation that requires nozzle design in your work, you can contact us. If you are a senior practitioner in the nozzle industry, you are also welcome to contact us. We learn from each other and make progress together.