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Cleaning nozzle and venturi

We manufacture a variety of venturi tubes, including metal and plastic materials, which are suitable for different working environments. E:\HF相关\图片素材\修好的图\IMG_20210805_135422.jpgIMG_20210805_135422

The most common nozzle application Venturi effect is the siphon air atomizing nozzle in the air atomizing nozzle. It relies on the rapid fluidity of compressed air to form a negative pressure area inside the nozzle, and the liquid is sucked into the nozzle and ejected. The air atomizing nozzle does not need to install a water pump, and only needs compressed air to drive operation.


The venturi tube uses the Venturi effect to increase the flow velocity of the nozzle jet outlet, thereby forming a negative pressure zone near the high flow velocity, sucking the surrounding air or liquid into the mixing barrel and then ejecting it. 空气放大器

The venturi tube is widely used. For example, in the field of mixing and stirring, it can replace the traditional mechanical rotary stirring, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost and not easy to damage. In the field of object transmission, we use the nozzle made by the Venturi effect to transport the object from point A to point B by air flow. This is the air amplifier nozzle. There are also related applications in the field of agricultural nozzles. For example, when spraying pesticides, because the flow rate is too small and the impact is not enough, the sprayed pesticides are easily blown away by the wind. The windproof nozzle made by the Venturi effect is unchanged in the original system. Under the premise, the impact force of the nozzle can be increased, making it more difficult for the wind to blow it away.

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