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Spray drying nozzles

Spray dry mist nozzle structure: The nozzle for dry mist nozzle uses stainless steel body (303 stainless steel nozzle body, top cover and cone, orifice insert material optional), made of hardened stainless steel or alloy, gem inserts, inlaid vortex guide In the cavity, the liquid passes through the guide vanes to form a centrifugal hollow mist chisel under high pressure, and the mist particles are very small.

Spray dry mist nozzles made of materials: After summarizing the usage in different industries, the nozzle materials are: 303SS, 316SS, hardened stainless steel, aggregate materials or gemstones and other materials.

Spray dry mist nozzle specifications: the internal (external) thread of the inlet connector is generally 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch; the external dimension is A hexagon (25.4mm), B length (41.5 or 47.6mm), net weight (0.142/0.1156).

General application of spray dry mist nozzles: often used in food, ceramics, medicine, chemical products, dyes, metallurgy and other industries, and can be in high contact with hot air, so it is widely used in spray dry mist equipment. IMG20181219105958

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