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Spray nozzles for irrigation

The irrigation nozzles we manufacture have the characteristics of uniform spraying, automatic spraying, and adjustable spraying angle. The counterweight of the nozzle is lifted by the impact of water pressure, and then the counterweight is returned to the position by the action of the torsion spring and hits the nozzle body. , Change the spray angle through inertial force, and then continue to the next cycle to achieve a 360-degree spray. Our nozzle can adjust the spray angle, for example, you only want the nozzle to spray the area of 3/4 circle, and the remaining 1/4 circle does not spray , Then you only need to adjust the position of the commutator to precisely control the spray direction.

We have two materials for you to choose from: plastic and metal. If you want to know more about irrigation nozzles, please feel free to contact us.