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Which nozzle for pressure washing house

For the selection of nozzles in the high-pressure cleaning room, you need to first determine the cleaning pressure. When the pressure of the spray system is determined, then you must choose the appropriate spray shape.

Generally, we recommend three types of nozzles for high-pressure cleaning rooms. The first type is a full cone nozzle. It is suitable for use in a state where the nozzle and the object to be cleaned are relatively static. Because it has a large coverage area and uniform spray, so It can completely cover the object being sprayed, but the disadvantage of the full cone nozzle is that the impact force is small. Under the same flow rate, the impact force of a straight nozzle or a flat fan nozzle is much greater than that of a full cone nozzle. But for the impact force If the demand is not so high, the full cone nozzle is the best choice.

The second option is the flat fan nozzle, which can produce a huge impact and is the most ideal for cleaning the surface of the object, but the flat fan nozzle also has the disadvantages, that is, its spray direction is fixed, and the coverage is only one. Straight line, the area outside the straight line cannot be covered, but if the object to be cleaned and the nozzle are in relative motion, then this problem can be solved perfectly.

The third type of nozzle is carefully researched and developed by us to compensate for the above two conditions at the same time. It is driven by one or several rotating arms to rotate the flat fan nozzle to achieve a larger coverage area. Even if the nozzle is installed It is at rest with the object, or it can completely cover a circular surface.

For the purchase of nozzles for special high-pressure cleaning rooms, we have other design solutions. We hope you can contact us and our engineers will give you the most professional answer.