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Plastic spray nozzle tips

Many types of nozzles will use plastic as the raw material for manufacturing. This is because of the excellent corrosion resistance of plastics. The manufacturing process of plastic nozzles is often completed by three manufacturing processes. The first is mechanical processing. The plastic rod is turned into the required by CNC machine tools. Shape, the advantage of this method is that it has high flexibility, and different products can be obtained by changing the processing procedure, which is suitable for the processing and manufacturing of small batches of precision nozzles.

Another common manufacturing process is to melt the plastic raw materials through an injection molding machine, and then inject it into a precision mold, and then take it out after cooling and solidification. The advantage of this manufacturing process is that it is suitable for mass production and has a lower manufacturing cost. The process can produce nozzles with uniform performance in large quantities, and for nozzles with complex shapes composed of curved surfaces, it also has good product quality and low cost.

The third type is manufactured through 3D printing technology and stacking processing.This process is currently not suitable for the manufacture of batch nozzles.We are only used for performance testing during the initial development of some nozzles.

We have designed and manufactured a variety of plastic nozzles with a wide range of applications. If you want to learn more about the manufacturing process of plastic nozzles, or want to purchase our high-quality plastic nozzles, please feel free to contact us.