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Wind jet nozzle

The air jet nozzle can produce a strong air impact force, which has a good application for parts drying, dust or foreign matter blowing. The air jet nozzle requires compressed gas as a power source. After the compressed gas is delivered to the nozzle, it passes through the nozzle The complex structure can form a strong blowing force. We mainly consider three issues when designing the air jet nozzle. The first is whether the blowing force and the blowing area of the nozzle can meet the requirements, and the second is the noise value of the air jet nozzle. If it is too high, it should be controlled within a reasonable range.The third is that the air consumption of the air jet nozzle cannot be too large.If the air consumption is too large, then more energy will be consumed.

For these conditions, we will use CFD software to test at the early stage of the design to modify the shape and structure of the product to achieve the best spray effect. Then we will manufacture samples according to the designed 3D model, and when the samples are manufactured Tests will be conducted through our professional laboratory to actually verify whether the requirements are met, then finally mass production can be carried out.

All our nozzles are developed and manufactured through such a process, strictly following the scientific method to ensure that the products that reach you are the best performance.