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High pressure nozzle spray

The shell of the high-pressure spray nozzle made by us is made of brass nickel-plated or all stainless steel, and the anti-drip spring and sealing ball are installed inside. The function is to return the rubber ball to the position at the moment the water pump is turned off, seal the flow channel, and stop spraying immediately. Water, and there will be no dripping. We use ceramic or stainless steel for the spray sheet. The ceramic has high hardness, superior wear resistance, and the nozzle is more durable. The stainless steel spray sheet is to meet the needs of users who use the nozzle in a large temperature difference environment. , Due to the large temperature difference, the ceramic spray film will be prone to cracking, so we have made a stainless steel spray film plan.

The filter cotton is installed at the entrance of the runner, which can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement, which can effectively reduce the probability of nozzle clogging.

The sealing ring can be replaced with a fluorine rubber material according to your use environment, which has better corrosion resistance.

We are a nozzle manufacturer, so the price is very low, you can always contact us for information about high-pressure nozzle spray.