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Mist system fire suppression

The water mist nozzle uses a special swirling structure to atomize water into particles at arelatively high pressure. Generally the average size of the droplet of water mist is less than 100 μm, the specific surface area and distribution density are high, and the vaporization and cooling effects and the oxygen barrier are more effective. The high pressure water mist system uses easy-to-use and low-cost water as the fire extinguishing medium. It is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and uses less water. It has minimal impact on the water stain of the protected object. With the elimination of halogenated fire extinguishing technology, high pressure water mist system technology has shown avery superior feature as a new alternative technology and is a revolutionary new green technology.

We have the most advanced and accurate testing equipment in this industry. As long as we can think of it, we will definitely find a way to improve it. For all kinds of nozzles, we have strict requirement on supplier of materials (metal bars and plastic material). We strictly control from nozzle production to packaging, transportation and storage. All finished products are 100% inspected to ensure accurate data for our customers.