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0 degree rotating nozzle

The 0-degree rotating nozzle can not only obtain the maximum impact force of the water flow, but also the maximum coverage area. If the conventional nozzle requires a large impact force, then the spray area needs to be reduced. If you want to obtain a larger spray area, then It is necessary to reduce the impact force of the nozzle. The two seem to be impossible to blend perfectly, but we can obtain satisfactory results for both effects through clever design. This is the meaning of the 0-degree rotating nozzle.

The 0 degree rotating nozzle is first 0 degree. We all know that under the premise of the same flow and pressure, the smaller the nozzle’s spray angle, the greater the impact force. This first satisfies the impact force of our flushing. If we let the nozzle Fixed in one position and always sprayed in a fixed direction, then a large coverage area cannot be obtained, so we install the 0 degree nozzle on the rotating bracket and maintain a certain spray angle, so that through the reaction force of the high-pressure water flow, You can push the nozzle to rotate, so as to get a ring-shaped coverage. Then, if we add a group of 0-degree nozzles, install it on the axis of the rotation axis, and let it rotate around the rotation axis, we get A sphere sprays nozzles covering all directions.

This nozzle can maintain the largest coverage area under the premise of using the maximum impact force.It is often used to clean the inner wall of a container with a large diameter.The huge impact force can make it easy to wash off foreign objects attached to the inner wall.