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Atomizing water spray nozzles

Water atomization nozzles are the most common nozzles. Flat fan, full cone, hollow cone, air atomization can achieve the atomization effect. Generally, those with a particle size of less than 100 microns will be called mist. The work of the nozzle The principle is generally to make the liquid rotate at high speed inside the nozzle by high pressure, and then spray it from the nozzle, collide with the air to form a water mist. Or mix high pressure gas and liquid, and then spray at high speed to form a water mist.

Different working principles are suitable for different occasions. For example, where there is no air compressor, it is not suitable to use air atomizing nozzles. Where there is no water pump, the siphon function of the air atomizing nozzle can be used to suck liquid into the nozzle. , Complete the atomization.

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