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Nozzle spray pressure

The pressure sprayed by the nozzle is related to the maximum pressure that the water pump can reach, and is also related to the internal structure of the nozzle. For example, in a spray system, the static pressure of the pipe is 5bar, then the pressure inside the nozzle is also 5bar at this time, the nozzle converts this pressure into an impact force and sprays it out.

We cannot increase the maximum pressure of the sprinkler system through the nozzle, but we can optimize the internal structure of the nozzle to make the water flow smoother, thereby reducing the friction of the water flow inside the nozzle and achieving a certain boost effect.

The principle of pressure increase of the nozzle is achieved by reducing the diameter of the outlet hole (except for the Venturi nozzle). And reducing the nozzle diameter means reducing the spray flow rate. What kind of nozzle should be selected in the sprinkler system, which can give full play to the capacity of the water pump, and can ensure the flow rate of the system, is our concern. So if you are not sure about the nozzle selection, please leave it to us, and our engineers will choose the nozzle that is most suitable for you according to your application scenario.

Of course, we have done some things to increase the impact force of the nozzle. For example, we try to make the inner wall of the nozzle smoother, and try to design the internal space of the nozzle more smoothly when designing. To reduce the nozzle’s resistance to the water flow is to increase the nozzle impact. An important means of strength.