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Nozzle sprayer high pressure

The high-pressure atomization nozzle can produce mist with a particle size of about 10-50 microns. The mist of this diameter will not fall on the ground immediately, but will drift in the air with the wind until it evaporates. So take advantage of this feature , The nozzle is very suitable for cooling outdoor environments, because its particle size is small, so it evaporates quickly, can quickly take away heat, and drop the surrounding air by 3-5 degrees.

The high-pressure atomizing nozzle needs to work in a high-pressure environment. The starting pressure needs to be greater than 30bar, and the best working pressure is 60bar-80bar. It is equipped with springs and sealing ball parts, so it can achieve the effect of preventing dripping, that is, when you When the high-pressure water pump is turned off, the nozzle will immediately stop spraying, and no water droplets will fall.