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Blowing nozzle

The blowing nozzle uses compressed air or other compressed gas as the spray medium, and is sprayed out after being pressurized by the nozzle. To measure the quality of the air nozzle, we must start from three aspects. First of all, the important thing about the nozzle is the blowing force. The nozzle of the same flow rate, The greater the blowing force, the better the quality of the nozzle. The second is the noise value. The smaller the noise value of the nozzle with the same flow rate, the more reasonable the nozzle design. Finally, the air consumption, the same hole diameter and number of holes, the consumption The smaller the air volume, the better the quality of the nozzle.

In the initial stage of nozzle design, we will use CFD software to perform fluid analysis on the nozzle model, mainly analyzing the flow rate, speed and decibel value, and then adjust the structure according to the results, and finally achieve a balance between the three, so that we can produce superior performance. The product.