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How to do nozzle check

In the spray system, when the spray effect is not ideal, you must first check the nozzle. The inspection methods of various nozzles are similar, mainly to see whether the nozzle position is worn or deformed, or whether the inside of the nozzle is blocked. If the nozzle is deformed, Then you need to replace the nozzle in time to avoid damage to you caused by the damaged nozzle. If the nozzle is blocked by foreign objects, first remove the foreign objects, then check whether the pipeline filtration system is normal, and replace the damaged filter in time.

If you check the nozzle and find no problem, then you need to check the entire spray system. First, you need to check whether the pump is working properly, whether the pressure is within a reasonable range, whether there is leakage in the pipeline, etc., and then eliminate the problem accordingly. You can also Describe to us the spray failure you encountered and our team of engineers will be at your service at any time.