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Nozzles lifespan

There are many factors that determine the service life of a nozzle. The three most important factors are whether the nozzle is matched with the spray system, whether the material quality of the nozzle is good, and whether the sprayed liquid is highly corrosive.

Regarding whether the nozzle matches the spray system, if the selection is not appropriate, the service life of the nozzle will be greatly reduced. For example, in a high-pressure spray environment, if you install a nozzle of ordinary material, the high pressure will accelerate the wear of the nozzle and reduce the service life of the nozzle. . You can leave this part of the work to us, and our professional engineers will recommend nozzles based on the parameters you provide and the effects you want to achieve. P41025-144955

The material has a great influence on the service life of the nozzle. In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, some manufacturers will choose low-quality materials or even other brands of materials as high-quality materials. This is a very big hidden danger and will cause your subsequent use of the nozzle. Very big loss. IMG20170501103204

Strong corrosive media or extreme use environment (such as ultra-high temperature environment, ultra-low temperature environment) will have a great impact on the life of the nozzle. In this situation, we must choose the appropriate material to make the nozzle. For example, in high temperature environment, we will use resistant Nozzles are made of high-temperature metal materials, and in a strong corrosive environment, we use corrosion-resistant plastic materials to make the nozzles. 被腐蚀