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Tank washing

We have designed and manufactured a series of nozzles for cleaning the water tank, according to the size of the cabin, water pressure and other parameters to choose the nozzle that suits you. Generally speaking, for water tanks with small openings, we specially designed a rotating water tank cleaning nozzle with a small diameter. Its diameter is only 1 inch. It can enter the water tank with openings less than 1 inch in diameter. The nozzle is driven to rotate by the pressure of the liquid, thus easily It cleans away the foreign matter attached to the inner wall of the water tank. 73_0004

For water tanks with large openings but relatively small barrel diameters, our fixed water tank cleaning nozzles can be used. The nozzles are fixed as a whole. The full cone nozzles installed throughout the body spray the cleaning agent in all directions at the same time to achieve The effect of cleaning the inner wall of the water tank. 16_0035

For tanks with large diameters, we recommend that you use a multi-axis rotating water tank cleaning nozzle, because it can spray the most impact linear spray shape. This nozzle has super impact and is suitable for cleaning large diameter water tanks. . Its nozzle rotates in two axial directions at the same time, so it can cover the entire surface of the inner wall of the tank. 82_0001