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Siphon air atomizing nozzle

The working principle of the siphon air atomization nozzle is to suck the liquid into the nozzle and the compressed air through the negative pressure zone generated by the high-speed flowing compressed air, and then spray it out, collide with the static air at the nozzle, and break the liquid into tiny pieces. The particle size of the droplets.

The siphon air atomizing nozzle is suitable for use in an environment where there is no liquid pressure. You can prevent the liquid from under the nozzle and let the compressed air suck the liquid out. You can also place the liquid above the nozzle, so that gravity will exert a downward force on the liquid into the nozzle, and the flow rate of the siphon air atomizing nozzle will become larger. WeChat_20210731235801.mp4_20210731_235912099

We have manufactured many types of siphon air atomizing nozzles, please feel free to contact us for more technical parameters of siphon air atomizing nozzles.