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Tank washing near me

For water tank cleaning, you may consider using our high-pressure water tank cleaning nozzles. The water tank cleaning nozzle is divided into three working modes. The first is a fixed water tank cleaning nozzle. Its overall structure is fixed. There are no rotating parts in the whole body. It has many spray holes or installed many full cone nozzles. The purpose of this is to make it cover as much spray area as possible. However, since the impact force of the full cone nozzle is less than that of other spray shapes, this type of nozzle is only suitable for cleaning water tanks with a small diameter. 16_0035

The second type is a single-axis rotating nozzle. This type of nozzle is generally equipped with multiple flat fan nozzles. Since the impact force of the flat fan nozzle is greater than that of the full cone nozzle, it can only produce a straight-line jet cross section, so we need to think The way to make it rotate, so that it can cover 360 degrees of all-round coverage. The way to make it rotate is very clever, using the reaction force generated by the pressure of the water jet to push the nozzle to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive cleaning. 70_0042

The third type is a nozzle with two or more rotating shafts. The rotating shaft of this nozzle is generally arranged vertically. During operation, some nozzles will rotate around the nozzle mounting axis, and some nozzles will rotate around the axis perpendicular to the mounting axis. Axial rotation, and the nozzle that the nozzle will spray adopts the cylindrical nozzle with the strongest impact, so that when the nozzle spindle rotates once, the inside of the water tank is cleaned. 82_0001

We have also manufactured many kinds of water tanks, sinks, pipe cleaning nozzles, for more information, please contact us.