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Which nozzle will have faster flow

Which nozzle has the fastest flow rate? For this question, I think you want to ask which nozzle has the faster flow rate, right? Because the flow rate is a unit of volume, the volume of liquid that flows out in a unit time is generally expressed in L/min or GPH. The larger the flow rate of the nozzle, the more liquid that flows out in a unit time. O1CN01Kda1dW1cPdgAyJIjd_!!1751303593

The definition of flow rate refers to the distance the medium flows in unit time.

Regarding the question of which nozzle has a faster flow rate, we will go through a lot of research and experimentation when designing the nozzle, and the final conclusion is a linear nozzle (liquid column flow), because we will create a linear nozzle in the internal flow channel Conical surface, and to ensure the smoothness of the conical surface, so the flow of the medium can produce the smallest obstruction. The rest of the nozzles mostly use controllable turbulence to change the spray shape, so turbulence will greatly reduce the flow rate of the spray medium. 2分A0002

In order to minimize the resistance of the linear nozzle, we have reached a set of effective conclusions after repeated experiments, and different nozzle diameters correspond to different internal tapers. And in the manufacturing process, we try our best to ensure that the inner wall of the nozzle is smooth, so our linear nozzles have a longer spray distance and stronger impact than the linear nozzles manufactured by other companies. This not only improves your work efficiency, but also reduces The loss of energy.