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Spray nozzle price bd

There are many types of nozzles, and each type has many different models, so for the price of nozzles, we hope you can contact us directly and inform us of your specific needs. Our team of professional engineers will recommend the most suitable for you. Nozzles, if our nozzles do not meet the parameters you require, then our engineers will design a new nozzle type specifically for you to meet your needs.

The BD nozzle is one of our many nozzles. It can spray out a hollow cone shape. The spray cross section is a ring shape. The spray of the BD nozzle is very uniform. The spray direction of the BD nozzle is coaxial with the installation direction of the nozzle. Yes, so if you make a hole in the lower part of the pipe, the nozzle will spray downward. 14_0027

The principle of the BD hollow cone nozzle is that there is an eccentric hole at the tail, which is tangent to the round hole on the inner wall of the main body. When the water enters this small hole, it will rotate at high speed due to centrifugal effect. There is a swirling cavity inside the nozzle. When the water stream rotates to a certain speed, it will be ejected from the nozzle, thereby forming a hollow cone-shaped ejection shape.

The BD hollow cone nozzle is suitable for various fields that require spray cooling, spray desulfurization, spray cleaning, etc. Because of its uniform droplet distribution, it has received unanimous praise from customers.