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High pressure universal CNC turret nozzle

High-pressure general-purpose CNC turret nozzles are very common in the machining industry. This is a nozzle that sprays coolant or cooling gas. It can spray the cooling medium directly onto the tip of the tool and form a certain protective effect on the CNC tool.

This type of nozzle is often installed on the turret of a CNC lathe or next to the tool holder of a vertical milling machine. Because its interior is a spherical design, the high-pressure general-purpose CNC brick tower nozzle can rotate the spray rod at will to align the spray rod with the tool. Position, cooling the tip of the cutting tool, effectively improving the service life of the machining tool.

The high-pressure universal CNC turret nozzle was designed with high-pressure environment in mind at the beginning, so we place the center of gravity of the reaction force generated by the injection at the center of gravity of the ball, so that even the ultra-high-pressure jet will not change the jet direction of the nozzle, and our The nozzle sphere and the main structure are closely inlaid, and a certain amount of force is required to rotate the nozzle, so you can completely worry about the safety of the nozzle.

The high-pressure general-purpose CNC brick tower nozzle is made of stainless steel or Acetal, with direct injection and oblique injection for your choice. Please feel free to contact us.