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Does a nozzle increase pressure

The ability of the nozzle to increase pressure is unquestionable. One of its main capabilities is to increase pressure. First of all, we must make it clear that under the premise of the same speed of the pump, the smaller the outlet pipe, the higher the pressure. The load is also greater. The general nozzle is pressurized in this way, we will determine a value according to the total flow rate of the pump, and then divide the total flow rate by the number of nozzles to get the flow rate of a single nozzle (of course, This is under a certain pressure), if the total flow rate of the nozzle is greater than the total flow rate of the water pump, then the injection pressure will be reduced or even not at all.

In addition, for some working environments where the pump pressure cannot be increased, and want to obtain a higher injection pressure, then we have designed a series of venturi nozzles. Its working principle is to use Bernoulli’s principle, and different flow rates will produce a pressure difference. The pressure difference is used to introduce the surrounding air into the nozzle to form a stronger impact than the original.