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Spray systems tee valve

The three-way valve is a commonly used equipment in the spray system. Its function is to switch the flow of the pipeline at will. The valve can be connected to three pipelines, one of which is the water inlet pipe and the other two are the water outlet pipes. The position of the rotating handle drives The spherical commutator in the valve rotates, so as to achieve any connection or closure between the various pipelines.

Some spray systems have intricate piping. For example, a nozzle needs to spray two medium liquids. The traditional approach is that you need to install two nozzles and configure two completely different pipes for the two nozzles. This is a waste of cost and Space is wasted. If a three-way valve is installed on two inlet pipes, and only one outlet pipe is connected to one nozzle, then by rotating the angle of the valve, different media can be controlled to be ejected from the same pipe and nozzle.