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How to clean spray gun nozzle

The nozzle of the spray gun will inevitably encounter clogging, damage and other conditions during use, so how do we correctly deal with these problems?

First of all, if the nozzle is corroded by a corrosive chemical solution, or the nozzle hole is deformed by physical wear or impact, it cannot be repaired. All we can do is replace the nozzle of the same model. If the spray is very corrosive liquid , Then consider replacing nozzles made of more corrosion-resistant raw materials, such as plastic nozzles or corrosion-resistant metal materials, which need to be selected according to the specific corrosion solution.

If your nozzle spray gun is clogged, you can use a soft but flexible slender object to clean the nozzle. Remember not to use harder materials, which may cause damage to the nozzle. If the nozzle is often blocked, then There are two situations. First, the nozzle is blocked by impurities in the fluid. In this case, you need to consider replacing a more sophisticated pre-filter system, or installing a multi-stage filter device with different apertures on the pipe. If the nozzle is blocked by Highly viscous fluids (such as glue, syrup, etc.), then you need to clean up every time you close the nozzle, because once it solidifies, it will increase the difficulty of cleaning. Or you can use our self-heating system nozzle, which can reduce the flow The liquid passing through the nozzle is heated to a state of strong fluidity, thereby avoiding the occurrence of liquid solidification and clogging the nozzle.