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Full cone vs Hollow cone nozzle

The spray of the full cone nozzle is conical, the spray cross section is circular, and the droplets are evenly distributed on the circular pattern, with a large coverage area.

The spray shape of the hollow cone nozzle is also conical, but there is no liquid inside, and the spray cross section is a circular ring shape, and only a circle around the circle has evenly distributed liquid.

The reason for the formation of these two spray modes is mainly the flow of liquid inside the nozzle. We can get a full cone spray shape through the swirl blade, because the special structure of the swirl blade makes the liquid rotate along different trajectories, so that the spray is uniform. The full cone distribution map of the hollow cone. The inside of the hollow cone is generally composed of an eccentric hole, which makes the liquid rotate at a high speed after entering the inside of the nozzle, and it is ejected from the nozzle without any disturbance, thereby forming a circular jet cross section. The application scenarios of cone and hollow cone nozzles are different. For more details, please feel free to contact us.