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Mist generally refers to the fog that does not wet the object. Its particle diameter is very small. Due to the surface tension of water, it will bounce back when it touches the general object, so that it will not wet the object. It has several characteristics. The first is the high density, and the second is the small diameter of the particles. There are many reasons for the formation of mist. The common one is that the water content in the air is too high due to the temperature difference, which condenses into mist droplets.

This kind of mist is very common in nature, but if you want to make a similar mist as you think, then the nozzle will be a very good tool.

Our atomizing nozzle can produce mist similar to the natural world, whether it is used for viewing, or for humidification, dust removal, and cooling, it has a very good effect.

We are good at making all kinds of spray nozzles and equipment. If you have related needs or technical problems, please feel free to contact us. Our team of engineers will serve you wholeheartedly.