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Hollow cone spray nozzle for sale

We have hollow cone nozzles for sale. The hollow cone nozzle can spray a conical spray, but its center is not liquid, that is to say, its spray cross section is a ring shape, and the surrounding is evenly distributed. Liquid, but no liquid in the center.

The principle of the hollow cone nozzle is to make the liquid enter the nozzle and rotate at a high speed through the swirl cavity inside the nozzle, and then spray it out from the nozzle.Due to the high-speed centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown out, thereby ensuring that there is no liquid in the middle.

The hollow cone nozzle has a wide range of applications. It is generally used for surface cleaning, washing, dust removal, desulfurization, etc., because it can produce a hollow cone shape, so when it is installed in the pipeline, it will form a water curtain barrier. Obstruct the exchange of substances before and after the nozzle. For more information about the hollow cone nozzle, please contact us, and our engineers will be at your service at any time.