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Nozzle orifice size

In general, a conical jet shape or a flat fan nozzle with a diversion structure has a round hole. The jet hole of a common flat fan nozzle is not a standard circle, it will be a three-dimensional ellipsoid. Therefore, the diameter of the hole cannot be used to calculate the flow at this time, but the three-dimensional figure needs to be converted into a similar circle, and then the flow is calculated based on the diameter of the circular hole. 外形 7)

Since the nozzle has two parameters: injection angle and flow rate, the nozzle flow rate cannot be calculated simply by the diameter of the nozzle hole. Generally, there will be a turbulent flow structure inside the nozzle, so the nozzle diameter is only an estimate of the approximate flow rate range and cannot be used as an accurate parameter. We have a detailed flow comparison table for the exact flow and angle, you can ask us at any time. 2分不锈钢0001