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Tank washing jobs

As we all know, the inner wall of the container is the most difficult to clean. There are problems such as the inaccessibility of cleaning equipment or the incomplete cleaning of the corners of the inner wall. For these two points, we have developed a series of tank cleaning nozzles. Their advantage is that they can be cleaned. Deep into the container with a small opening, and the arrangement of nozzles follows the principle of omni-directional coverage, or the nozzle itself has the characteristics of self-rotation, which can convert the liquid pressure into a part of the driving force of the nozzle, so as to perform rotating cleaning, which will increase The impact force of a single nozzle is reduced, the amount of liquid used is reduced, and the inner wall of the container can be covered in all directions.

This series of nozzles are suitable for the cleaning of storage tanks in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We can design and manufacture nozzles for you according to the size of the tank and the size of the opening. Please feel free to contact us.