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Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle


Product name: Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle

Material: brass, stainless steel, plastic,Aluminum alloy

Installation method: threaded connection

Thread size: 1/8-1/4 BSPT or NPT

Features: The ultrasonic nozzle can continuously produce a very small droplet diameter. The diameter of the droplet is similar to the diameter of the dust. The two can collide and condense, and then fall back to the ground through gravity to achieve a significant effect of suppressing dust.

The nozzle can suck the liquid into the nozzle through the Venturi effect and eject it at supersonic speed, thereby breaking the droplets through sonic boom. It is also possible to use pressure to pump liquid into the nozzle, which will produce a very large amount of atomization.

This series of nozzles has multiple installation methods such as thin-wall installation, thick-wall installation, bracket installation and flange installation. Customization is supported, please contact us.

Parameters Table

Model Air pressure (bar) Liquid pressure (bar) Air flow (L/min) Liquid flow(L/min) Average droplet diameter (um) Spray angle
SK508 5 1 112 0.359 18.02 80
SV882 5 1 240 0.746 23.79 60
SV980 3 0.5 307 0.688 35.82 30