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Spray drying technology

Spray drying technology is very common in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Its working principle is to spray a mixture of solid powder and liquid into a drying cylinder through a nozzle, and then evaporate the droplets of the powder particles to make the powder dry and deposit quickly. The advantage of the technology is high drying efficiency. This is because the droplets sprayed by it are very small and dense, which greatly increases the contact area of the droplets with the surrounding environment, so that they can quickly evaporate. It can be seen that the fog that the nozzle can form The droplet diameter is directly related to the drying efficiency.The nozzles we manufacture have the characteristics of small and uniform droplet size, large spray volume, and low price. They have been well received by customers for many years.

We are a professional nozzle R&D and manufacturing factory, with dozens of precision CNC machine tools and a team of experienced senior engineers, aiming to solve all the problems of the nozzle and spray system in the design and use process, welcome you anytime contact us.