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ChinaAir atomizing nozzle factory

We are an air atomizing nozzle manufacturing plant from China. For general-purpose standard air atomizing nozzles, we have a large inventory, which not only guarantees the uniformity of product quality, but also reduces the price of the product, so you can spend less You can buy high-quality air atomizing nozzles for.

Air atomizing nozzle is a type of nozzle that atomizes liquid by compressed gas. It usually has 2-3 channels inside. The first is the liquid channel. The gas channel transports the gas to the atomization area. The two are mixed in the atomization area, and sprayed out after atomization to form droplets with small particle diameters. Some air atomization nozzles are used for automatic control. A compressed gas channel is added inside the nozzle, which can drive the piston part in the nozzle to realize automatic control of precision spray.