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Flat fan nozzles

The flat fan nozzle is one of the most widely used nozzle types among all nozzles. It is widely used in the field of automated manufacturing. It has a very wide range of applications in the automated manufacturing of products.

The flat fan nozzle can produce a spray shape similar to a plane triangle, and its spray cross section is approximately a straight rectangle or olive shape. At any point of the spray cross section, the distribution of droplets is uniform. Because the flat fan nozzle has a very strong impact force, it is often used for high-pressure washing of the surface of the object. For example, if the flat fan nozzle is installed on the moving conveyor belt at a calculated interval, the surface of the object passing through the spray area can be applied to the surface below. Automatic flushing, high cleaning efficiency and good cleaning effect.


For general-purpose flat fan nozzles, we use the remaining capacity of the machine to create a large amount of inventory, which further reduces the sales price of our products and makes our nozzles more competitive in the market.

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