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Water Spray Nozzle suppliers

We are a supplier of water spray nozzles from China, with the characteristics of high quality products and low prices.

Different types of nozzles can spray different media, such as spraying compressed gas, spraying high-temperature steam, spraying chemical substances, etc., but the most common nozzles are used for spraying water, and the purpose of spraying water is generally for dust removal, humidification, and cleaning Wait.


As we all know, water has intermolecular forces, which is also the reason for the surface tension of water. The nozzle is to use the pressure in the spray system to destroy the force of the water molecules, so that the water spreads along the direction we designed, so the importance of the nozzle in the spray system is very high.

A good nozzle can produce uniform spraying, and can spray droplets of moderate particle size according to actual requirements. The water nozzles manufactured by us will be accurately analyzed by CFD software at the beginning of the design, and after the sample production is completed, a series of data tests will be carried out to make the nozzles achieve the best spraying effect.

Our nozzle products have the characteristics of good spraying effect, high precision, low price, etc. You are welcome to contact us at any time.