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Types of nozzles in sprayers

There are many choices of nozzle types in the sprayer, such as full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, flat fan nozzles, etc. You first need to choose the spray shape of the nozzle according to your needs, for example, you need to hold a spray bar for pesticides For spraying, then you can choose a hollow cone nozzle or a flat fan nozzle, because the position of the nozzle relative to the crop is constantly moving, and the coverage area of the nozzle will expand with the movement of the spray rod. At this time, the first condition for choosing a nozzle is The spray effect and spray flow rate, the coverage area will no longer be important.

Regarding the selection of nozzles, our engineers will make recommendations based on your usage, budget and quantity. Our products are of good quality and low price. You are welcome to contact us at any time.