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How to reduce the pressure on a pressure washer

The desire to reduce the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner can be divided into two solutions in principle.The first is to discharge the pressure in the output pipe to achieve the effect of nozzle pressure reduction.

The second solution is to reduce the pressure by reducing the speed of the drive motor of the high-pressure cleaner.

At present, most high-pressure cleaners use the first solution. A pressure regulating valve is installed at the pump head of the machine, and the pressure can be adjusted by twisting the pressure regulating valve. The advantages of this approach are simple structure and low cost , The adjustable range is large. But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the motor always runs at a high speed, which consumes more electricity. In addition, because the pressure adjustment knob at the pump head is a pure mechanical structure and contains many parts, it is malfunctioning The rate is relatively high.

For pressure adjustment by changing the motor speed, it is necessary to install a series of control modules such as inverters.The advantage of this approach is that it can save power consumption and protect the pump as a whole.The disadvantage is that the cost will be much higher.

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