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Spray Nozzle plastic

There are many types of plastic nozzles, you can contact us, and inform you in detail of your requirements for plastic nozzles, use environment, ideal spray effect, etc., our engineers will recommend the suitable plastic nozzle for you.

Normally, there is a large demand from customers, and we will use plastic as the raw material for nozzles that work in a normal temperature environment. The biggest advantage of plastic nozzles is that they are cheap. In addition, they are also resistant to corrosion and meet the requirements of many spraying environments. Plastics in large demand We usually use the injection molding manufacturing process to melt the plastic into a liquid and squeeze it into the molding mold. After cooling and shaping, the mold is opened to remove the plastic nozzle product. This is called additive manufacturing in the industrial manufacturing field. Compared with mechanical processing and manufacturing, the injection molding process has the characteristics of high manufacturing efficiency, low cost, and good quality uniformity of batch products.