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ChineseEductor Nozzles Manufacturer

Eductor nozzle, also known as mixed flow nozzle, mixing nozzle, its main function is to mix fluids or particles of different media in the liquid. The Eductor nozzle uses the Venturi effect to spray the fluid in the pipe at a high flow rate to form a negative pressure. Then the surrounding liquid or particles are sucked into the mixing chamber of the nozzle, and they are fully mixed by turbulence, and then ejected.

We are an Eductor nozzle manufacturer from China, with advanced nozzle manufacturing technology and precision CNC machine tools. Our professional engineer team has fully optimized the nozzle manufacturing process, which makes us have a lower manufacturing cost than other nozzle factories. This makes our products very competitive in the market.

You are welcome to contact us at any time to get a cheap nozzle quotation.