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H1/4U-SS8030 nozzle

The H1/4U-SS8030 flat fan nozzle has good pressure adaptability, and it can work normally between 0.5bar-30bar. During the nozzle use, the flow rate will change with the pressure change, which means the greater the system pressure , The liquid ejected from the nozzle hole per unit time will be more, so the nozzle wear will become faster. In order to cope with this situation, we can customize other H1/4U-SS8030 nozzles of different materials for you , Use in a high temperature and high pressure environment can effectively extend the service life of the nozzle. At a pressure of 3bar, the spray angle of the H1/4U-SS8030 nozzle is 80 degrees, and the flow rate is 11.8L/min.