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Spray systems cost

The cost composition of the spray system is divided into three aspects. The first is the design cost of the spray system. To obtain the most suitable spray effect for you, professional engineers must design nozzles, spray pipes, and nozzle arrangements for you according to your needs. The good news is that our professional engineers will make a design plan for you for free and assist you to complete the installation of the nozzle.

The second cost is composed of the hardware of the spray system, which generally includes pumps, pipes, connectors, nozzles, pressure gauges, valves, etc., we are a professional nozzle manufacturing factory, and all the accessories you buy from us are The cheapest on the market, and we have strict quality control and perfect after-sales system to ensure that the products you buy can get the best spray effect.

The third cost is the installation cost of spray system accessories. For small spray systems, we will develop an installation plan for you for free, and provide you with real-time help through videos or pictures and texts to assist you in rapid installation. If it is a large and complex spray system, You can find the construction unit locally, and then install it according to the installation plan we made for you, or we can send technicians to carry out on-site installation instructions.