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H1/4U-SS9503 nozzle

The H1/4U-SS9503 nozzle belongs to the category of flat fan nozzles. This is a kind of general nozzle. Our factory has a large number of products in stock for a long time. For the manufacturing process of this nozzle, our engineers have performed several optimizations. The performance of the current product is in The industry is at the best level. The price is much lower than other factories. This is because we have reduced the manufacturing cost. The flow rate of the H1/4U-SS9503 nozzle at 3bar pressure is 1.18L/min, and the spray angle is 95 degrees, with a large coverage, you can specify the connection thread, material and shape of the nozzle, and we will customize the product for you according to your requirements. You are welcome to contact us at any time.