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Nozzle welding

The nozzle will often use a welding process during the installation process, such as a dovetail nozzle, which requires the base to be welded to the pipe, and then install the flat fan nozzle, and pay attention to the direction of the nozzle base when welding.

For the welding of stainless steel nozzle joints, we recommend that you use gas shielded welding, such as argon arc welding. This welding method can ensure the strength of the welding, and the sealing is very good, and it is not easy to leak.

Or we can customize the header for you according to your requirements. We will make the header to the length you need, drill the pipe, and then weld the joint or nozzle. You don’t need to weld again after receiving the goods, and directly connect the pipe Just install it to a suitable location. It greatly saves your time. You are welcome to contact us at any time.