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H1/8U-SS0008 nozzle

H1/8U-SS0008 nozzle, the spray shape is a cylindrical shape, the diameter of the cylinder is the same as the nozzle diameter, H1/8U-SS0008 nozzle can produce a strong impact force, in all types of nozzles, the impact of straight nozzles The strongest force, this is because there is almost no spoiler inside, the liquid can flow unimpeded in its cavity, and in order to further enhance its impact force, the inner wall of the nozzle is as smooth as possible when the nozzle is manufactured, and the nozzle There are tapered holes inside.

The H1/8U-SS0008 nozzle can produce a flow of 3.2L/min at a pressure of 3bar. Because of its huge impact force and a fixed spray direction, it is especially suitable for high-pressure washing of holes, grooves and other parts that are difficult to clean. The cleaning effect is very good. good.