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Cone Nozzle spray

Cone nozzles include full cone nozzles and hollow cone nozzles.

The full cone nozzle is the most widely used, because it has a very large spray coverage area, so it is often used for cleaning, dust suppression, simulating rain, etc., and its flow range is very wide, the smallest full cone nozzle can Spray mist droplets with a diameter of less than 10 microns. The large-flow full cone nozzle can spray a spray effect similar to a waterfall.


The cross section of the hollow cone nozzle is a circular ring shape, which means that the cone it sprays is only water mist around the cone, and there is no water mist in the middle of the cone. Similarly, this nozzle also has a very wide range. The flow range of the small hollow cone nozzle can also spray mist, and the flow rate of the large hollow cone nozzle is also very huge.

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