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H1/8U-SS2510 nozzle

The spray angle of the H1/8U-SS2510 flat fan nozzle is very small. When the pressure is 3bar, the spray angle is only 25 degrees and the flow rate is 3.9L/min. Unless the impact force of the nozzle is particularly important to you, or the use environment requires a small angle, we do not recommend that you use a nozzle with a too small spray angle. This is because a small spray angle means that the nozzle covers a small area. You need to change the nozzle The arrangement is very close to achieve the effect of covering a large area. This not only increases the number of nozzles, but also increases the burden of the water pump. It needs to supply more water to the nozzles to achieve the desired spray effect.

For specific nozzle model purchase, please contact us, our professional engineers will recommend the most suitable nozzle for you.