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Nozzle upside down

The main function of the nozzle is to spray liquid or gas in a controllable posture and flow through the power provided by the pump, so as to achieve the purposes of washing, dust removal, cooling, drying, stirring, etc., and during the use of the nozzle, and Not all nozzles must be installed perpendicular to the horizon, but according to the spray requirements, the nozzle needs to be installed at any angle, and when the spray direction of the nozzle is not perpendicular to the ground, the sprayed droplets will be affected by gravity, thus forming Different jet stances.

Therefore, the installation of the nozzle upside down or other angles is very important for the spray coverage, and the influence of the nozzle coverage comes from many aspects, such as gravity, liquid flow rate, ambient temperature, etc., you want to find the coverage by a simple formula , It is very difficult, so we will conduct actual simulation tests according to your requirements.

We will simulate the nozzle according to your actual use environment, and strive to restore the performance and parameter changes of the nozzle in actual work to the greatest extent, and then we can recommend the nozzle that best meets your requirements. This requires you to contact us and Describe the usage conditions of the nozzle in as much detail as possible.